Auckland Colonics and Wellness Coaching Services & Fees

At Auckland Colonics and Wellness Coaching, we are leading the Weight and Body Image Revolution. WHAT we eat is only half the story of good Nutrition. WHO we are as eaters, is the other half.

No matter who you are, as an Eating Psychology Coach I will help you reach your highest goals when it comes to your relationship with Food, Metabolism and Nutrition. We will use your eating concerns as a place for growth, self-improvement and exploration.

Flourishyou Tree of Life

If you experience Weight Issues, Body Image Challenges, Nutritional Concerns, Digestive Complaints, Over Eating, Binge Eating, just don’t know what to eat and Unsustainable Dieting Attempts, book a session today and we will begin to support you with coaching strategies and nutrition principles that are nourishing, doable, sustainable and that yield results.

Consultation Fees

1st Open Colon Hydrotherapy appointment $120
All colonic thereafter $115
5 Session Package $540 – to be used within 3 months
Students $110
1.5 Hours of a Psychology of Eating Wellness Consultation $140
1 hour Lifestyle Wellness Consultation with Colonic $220