What constitutes constipation to you? Whatever it may be to you, we all know how uncomfortable it is! In my Colon Hydrotherapist’s mind it would be a slowing down or cessation of pooping. Hard dehydrated poops. The longer the poop is in the colon, the more dehydrated or the harder it becomes.  Air has no natural escape. Pressure builds. You get bloating. Bacteria, the good the bad and the ugly are not in balance.

Your colon muscle is one of your bodies major detoxification pathways, and if you are constipated, your detox pathway isn’t rocking! 

There are many reasons for constipation including, dehydration, diet, hormones, lack of movement, poor digestion, IBS.

If you are struggling with any of the above, you may be ready for Colon Hydrotherapy.  In the meantime here is something you can try at home….

My favourite recipe to help with Constipation.

What you need:  A blender to keep the fibre of the plant.

Add your ingredients and fill the blender with clean water. 

1 apple
1 lemon without skin
1 lime without skin
Any leafy green you can get your hands on
1 emptied probiotic capsule (discard capsule case)

Blend together, it should be more of a liquid than a soup! If your blender jug is small, do small batches so you get plenty of water. Store in a glass or stainless steel bottles, shake and drink throughout the day.

*Note: all dairy, man-made food and dense meats should be put on hold. 

Drink and enjoy!