My name is Danielle and I am your Colon Hydrotherapist. I am trained in both open and closed colon hydrotherapy, but here at Auckland Colonics we offer the Open Libbe System. I have been a practising Colon Hydrotherpist for 7 years.

Woven into my colon hydrotherapy consulting is the combined knowledge of the Body Ecology Diet and Eating Psychology Coaching. All three modalities combine beautifully and work well to help you cleanse, make sustainable changes and build personal resilience.

Removing our toxic body burden will assist the physiological systems of our body. This Detoxification of our body will also positively effect our mental and spiritual states. I will be here to guide your return to self-nurture and encourage you to listen to nature and all her wisdom.

I look forward to meeting you on your health and wellness journey. Welcome to Auckland Colonics and Wellness Coaching.

“I have been going to Danielle Plowman for colonic therapy for 10 years. She is the best Hydrotherapist I have been to and I believe her interventions have literally saved my life. She is one of the most caring and supportive healers I have ever met. She radiates a kindly and harmonious positivity, which is a boon to someone with colon problems.

She is a great friend to those who are unwell, and I unreservedly recommend her sessions to anyone in need.”

- L. Thompson

“As an older woman I feel fortunate to have been recommended Danielle through a mutual friend. She has been a great advocate towards helping me manage the health and diet changes I needed. Danielle has a lovely manner in how she shares information. She is non-judgmental and has a gift for communicating .. she actually listens.

I have more energy and mobility than I have had in years. I wish I had met her years ago. You’ll be happy to work with Danielle. I always look forward to my times with her.”

- Rosalie Tomanek