Ok so here it is. The Open Colon Hydrotherapy RECTAL TUBE!

Now don’t look away just yet, it’s honestly not as scary as it sounds!

It’s an extremely slim line, well designed piece of colon flushing hardware.  
Slight in width with a rounded tip, it has a slight elbow in its length for great ergonomics. 

You might be surprised and relieved to hear that only 5cm of Rectal Tube sits in the anal passage and is held in place by your muscles, it is so subtle, you will barely even feel it, if at all.


So… if you have been putting off open Colon Hydrotherapy because you thought the tube was going to be invasive, it’s not. I promise! If you have any questions on this procedure please get in touch, I am happy to run through the full process with you and provide any reassurance you may need.

Open Colon Hydrotherapy with Auckland Colonics is much easier than you imagined. Happy Cleansing🌿


SPRING CLEANSE RETREAT with Danielle from Auckland Colonics

Cleansing, relaxation, and pampering – does that sound good to you?

One of the questions I always ask my clients is to rate their stress levels, from one to ten with ten being super stressed!

Get Spring off to a good start and join us on our retreat at the beautiful Aio Wira Centre on Auckland’s west coast, in the Waitakere Ranges. The retreat will allow you time to give back to yourself through cleansing and relaxation.

The Retreat starts at 10am Friday 20th September, from the minute you join us to the minute you leave on Tuesday 24th September the focus will be on you.

You’ll benefit both mentally and physically with our fresh vegetable juices, warm broths, meditation, saunas, cleansing and relaxation. The location of the retreat in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges allows you to enjoy nature and take advantage of the holistic practitioners who are on site to help you cleanse and relax.

I will be running the retreat and will help guide and support you on your journey to better health, a calm heart and rested mind.

To make the most of your retreat we recommend a colonic before, to help start your detoxification, making the cleanse at Aio Wira more effective and enjoyable.

A colonic after the retreat will help clean up the toxins released from your cells during your five day retreat.

Your investment for all this cleansing, resting, pampering and learning about yourself will not be regretted for a minute.

The full five day cleansing and reset retreat will cost just $450 with an additional colonic costing $110. If you chose to have more the cost comes down. Or you can have a thorough Gut Test with Naturopath Susan Herald, along with 3 Colonics for just $365.

If you want to find out more about our retreat or Colon Hydrotherapy bookings please give me a call on 021 4222 69 or visit Auckland Colonics website.

To book the retreat please go directly to the Air Wira website.

I hope to be helping you soon.

Danielle xo


A Colon Hydrotherapy Correlation: Constipation – arghh!

Helping to manage or reduce stress in your life is one of the best things you can do for your gut health.

One of the questions I always ask my clients is to rate their stress levels, from one to ten with ten being super stressed!
All my clients who are struggling with constipation rate their stress levels at eight and over – some even score a 12 – off the scale!
There are a lot of things in today’s busy world causing stress – finances, relationships, traffic, kids, exams and work.
Your body responds to stress by releasing hormones including adrenaline and cortisol. This gets your body ready to respond to a threat or emergency. It’s often called fight or flight.
This stress response is designed to respond in the moment.  It causes your heart to beat faster, your muscles to tighten and your breathing to speed up. Short term stress can be good for you but when these levels of stress remain for days, weeks or months it has an undesirable impact on your body including your digestive system.

If your digestive system isn’t working fecal matter and air get trapped in the large intestine (bowel). This creates pressure and can cause bloating, nausea, constipation and discomfort as one of your major detox pathways grinds to a halt.
It can become a vicious cycle feeling like this and with your tummy poking out like you’re pregnant, it can cause even more stress.
At Auckland Colonics we can help with lifestyle coaching to help reduce the impact stress has on your digestives system. We can provide immediate relief to your discomfort through Colon Hydrotherapy.

 A clean colon muscle correlation – happiness

Come and talk to us about how to manage your constipation relief with Colon Hydrotherapy and lifestyle coaching.  Book your appointment today with Auckland Colonics by text or calling 021 422 269. 

Let’s talk about the things we don’t like to talk about… (unless you’re a Colon Hydrotherapist!)


What constitutes constipation to you? Whatever it may be to you, we all know how uncomfortable it is! In my Colon Hydrotherapist’s mind it would be a slowing down or cessation of pooping. Hard dehydrated poops. The longer the poop is in the colon, the more dehydrated or the harder it becomes.  Air has no natural escape. Pressure builds. You get bloating. Bacteria, the good the bad and the ugly are not in balance.

Your colon muscle is one of your bodies major detoxification pathways, and if you are constipated, your detox pathway isn’t rocking! 

There are many reasons for constipation including, dehydration, diet, hormones, lack of movement, poor digestion, IBS.

If you are struggling with any of the above, you may be ready for Colon Hydrotherapy.  In the meantime here is something you can try at home….

My favourite recipe to help with Constipation.

What you need:  A blender to keep the fibre of the plant.

Add your ingredients and fill the blender with clean water. 

1 apple
1 lemon without skin
1 lime without skin
Any leafy green you can get your hands on
1 emptied probiotic capsule (discard capsule case)

Blend together, it should be more of a liquid than a soup! If your blender jug is small, do small batches so you get plenty of water. Store in a glass or stainless steel bottles, shake and drink throughout the day.

*Note: all dairy, man-made food and dense meats should be put on hold. 

Drink and enjoy!

Colonics: You are ready and willing, but not sure if you are able…..

Welcome to Auckland Colonics! There are many of you who are ready and willing to begin your cleansing, but have a few reservations about receiving a colonic. Privacy reservations, tube up your bum reservations (fair enough too), pooping in front of a total stranger reservations. All valid, but let me put your mind at ease with some nitty gritty.

When you arrive I ask you to fill out an intake form so I can get an idea of you. We then go up to the colonic room where we talk about you, your reasons for having colon hydrotherapy, your current and historical health concerns, your health and wellness goals, your diet and stress levels. Through this conversation our relationship begins. Believe it or not, its even possible to have a few hearty laughs. I have been doing this work for 8 years and see colonics as a cleansing, not just poops in a tube. There is kindness, respect, professionalism and a deeper conversation about how you may help yourself on the journey to wellness.

With you, I explain the machine, how you participate, how you get ready, how you get on and off, what you can potentially expect, the nuances of the colonic and of course the tube. Before you start your colon hydrotherapy session, you are fully versed about the session, and there is always plenty of room for questions any time you have them. The colonic rectal tube is about 3 millimetres wide with a small hole in the tip which delivers water. Two and a half inches of tube sits in the anal passage and is held in place by the sphincter muscle. Thats it! It cannot go any deeper as its just not long enough to go further. Its a very subtle and kind tube which many people will question if its in at all because its so slender. You have a towel across your waist at all times for privacy. The tube is inserted either by me or your self. I give options. I can do it, I can explain how you can do it, or you may already know how to do it. At all times I am there to help and by no means are you left on your own to figure anything out.

When its time for you to get ready I will leave the room for your privacy. When you are ready to roll, or you need help, you will press a buzzer and I shall return. Some folks need full assist due to age, illness or physical issues. If you are this person, I am happy to give you full assistance. Before we start your first colonic, we have a practice. This gives you an opportunity to get the sensation of water entering your colon muscle and gives you time to get into the rhythm of pushing water out of your body. Having an open colon hydrotherapy session is like pooping with water for 40 minutes. The warm, filtered, gravity fed water will enter your colon muscle immediately upon turning the tap on. The water stimulates contraction or peristalsis of the colon, which in turn sends a message to your brain that you need to go to the toilet. In response to this urge to poop, you do exactly that. You push out and poop! Water in, urge to release and go to the toilet, you push and poop. Again and again and again. The bed you lie on is comfy and is actually just a toilet, but in the shape of a bed. Its tidy, you can urinate, and the best part…..you get watch your fecal matter pass though a clear tube. Maybe dinner time conversation, maybe not!!!!!

So to bring it all together. Open Colon Hydrotherapy is effective, private, kind on your bottom, and you will be very well looked after with knowledge, herb teas, blankets, a warm wheat bag, air conditioning, answers to your questions, and support in your cleansing. So you can now turn your ready and willing… into an able. Call, text or email Danielle for a booking.

Blessings from Auckland Colonics