Cleansing, relaxation, and pampering – does that sound good to you?

One of the questions I always ask my clients is to rate their stress levels, from one to ten with ten being super stressed!

Get Spring off to a good start and join us on our retreat at the beautiful Aio Wira Centre on Auckland’s west coast, in the Waitakere Ranges. The retreat will allow you time to give back to yourself through cleansing and relaxation.

The Retreat starts at 10am Friday 20th September, from the minute you join us to the minute you leave on Tuesday 24th September the focus will be on you.

You’ll benefit both mentally and physically with our fresh vegetable juices, warm broths, meditation, saunas, cleansing and relaxation. The location of the retreat in the beautiful Waitakere Ranges allows you to enjoy nature and take advantage of the holistic practitioners who are on site to help you cleanse and relax.

I will be running the retreat and will help guide and support you on your journey to better health, a calm heart and rested mind.

To make the most of your retreat we recommend a colonic before, to help start your detoxification, making the cleanse at Aio Wira more effective and enjoyable.

A colonic after the retreat will help clean up the toxins released from your cells during your five day retreat.

Your investment for all this cleansing, resting, pampering and learning about yourself will not be regretted for a minute.

The full five day cleansing and reset retreat will cost just $450 with an additional colonic costing $110. If you chose to have more the cost comes down. Or you can have a thorough Gut Test with Naturopath Susan Herald, along with 3 Colonics for just $365.

If you want to find out more about our retreat or Colon Hydrotherapy bookings please give me a call on 021 4222 69 or visit Auckland Colonics website.

To book the retreat please go directly to the Air Wira website.

I hope to be helping you soon.

Danielle xo