Now don’t look away just yet, it’s honestly not as scary as it sounds!

It’s an extremely slim line, well designed piece of colon flushing hardware.  
Slight in width with a rounded tip, it has a slight elbow in its length for great ergonomics. 

You might be surprised and relieved to hear that only 5cm of Rectal Tube sits in the anal passage and is held in place by your muscles, it is so subtle, you will barely even feel it, if at all.


So… if you have been putting off open Colon Hydrotherapy because you thought the tube was going to be invasive, it’s not. I promise! If you have any questions on this procedure please get in touch, I am happy to run through the full process with you and provide any reassurance you may need.

Open Colon Hydrotherapy with Auckland Colonics is much easier than you imagined. Happy Cleansing🌿