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Welcome to Auckland Colonics and Wellness Coaching!

Danielle Plowman

I am an Eating Psychology Coach who will help you find a weight reduced, healthy, vital You again. If you’re a human on planet Earth and have had enough of not living in your potential I can help. Have you had enough of being overweight, burdened by toxins, confused by lifestyle choices, had enough of being less than you know you can be?

If you are, come and see me and I will help you find your body’s true weight, removes toxins and fill your body with good nutrition, energy, and clarity of mind. Together we shall realise your highest potential.


Helping You Flourish

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Dieting is done!
Mind Body Nutrition is in!
What we eat is only half the story. Who we are as eaters is the other half. We will discover how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact your overall weight, metabolism and health.
Eating Psychology sessions include nutrition, but goes beyond by focusing on your brain, body and behaviour.

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How Auckland Colonics and Wellness Coaching Works

As an Eating Psychology Coach, my approach is different. For too long we have been inundated by negative messages about our weight, diet, and food. In my professional coaching practice, I combine nutritional strategies with exciting and timely new information. We eliminate the wrongs and the rights and work purely on your personal style.

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Auckland Colonics and Wellness Coaching Colon Health

Our health begins in the colon. Auckland Colonics and Wellness Coaching Colon Hydrotherapy offers wellness, and sustainable weight loss solutions to achieve “ your” physical and mental optimization. Treatment is a gentle, warm, double filtrated infusion of water to cleanse the Colon. Create your new normal and release the old normal which no longer serves you.

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Book with Auckland Colonics and Wellness Coaching

Auckland Colonics and Wellness Coaching is leading the weight revolution! Your body and food are no longer the enemy. I look forward to helping you explore some of the personal dimensions in your life that impact weight, health, and food. Often our eating challenges are connected to work, money, relationships, past and present stressors, and, so much more.

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“As an older woman I feel fortunate to have been recommended Danielle through a mutual friend. She has been a great advocate towards helping me manage the health and diet changes I needed. Danielle has a lovely manner in how she shares information. She is non-judgmental and has a gift for communicating .. she actually listens.

I have more energy and mobility than I have had in years. I wish I had met her years ago. You’ll be happy to work with Danielle. I always look forward to my times with her.”

- Rosalie Tomanek

“What we eat is only half the story of good nutrition.
The other half is who we are as eaters.”